8 Best Free CRM Systems of 2020

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8 Best Free CRM Systems of 2020


As a business grows, the need for an ideal CRM solution becomes a high priority. However, It can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Especially when you are just trying to get your business off the ground, the implementation of a CRM system can be time-consuming and quite expensive.


Free CRMs can be the perfect introduction to understanding how customer relationship management works. It’s hard to believe that a tool so crucial to your business is absolutely free. 


We’ve narrowed down the best free CRM systems to help today’s small-business professionals manage their customer relationships with ease.


How to identify the best free CRM solution


When choosing the best free CRM for small businesses, we looked for solutions that are easy to set up, save time, and have affordable upgrade options. We use the following criteria to identify the best free CRM solutions: 


  • Simple usage 

CRMs that give way to easily set up and user-friendly interface.


  • Lead and contact management 

This allows small business owners to organize their leads and contacts properly so they are easily accessible.


  • Automation tools 

The rate of sales efficiency that can be reached with the free tools.


  • Integration with other apps

We considered the CRMs that integrate with other apps such as social media, email, eCommerce, and marketing platforms.


  • Efficient free features 

We picked CRM platforms that include enough features on their free plans for managing the basics of your business. For example, task automation, deal tracking, and contact management.


  • Customer support

We also compared the level of support you receive with free and paid versions for now and after upgrading.


  • Metrics and reporting tools 

We paid attention to the metrics and reporting opportunities that help small businesses track the effectiveness of their sales productivity.


Bitrix24 in list of the best free CRM for 2020

Main features: 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Free online store
  • Lead management
  • Sales tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Task automation
  • Reporting
  • Unlimited deals and contacts


Bitrix is one of the most popular and free CRM, having a great number of loyal users. It holds up to 5 GB of data storage and you are provided with email, chat, voice, and video channel access in-app, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Within a contact record, you can create deals, invoices, and orders. You can arrange appointments, add tasks, and record in-person meetings. With a free online store, you can create a professional store without any effort and coding. Moreover, you are able to track orders, manage customers, and control inventory.


Zoho in list of the best free CRMs in 2020


Main features: 


  • Website integration with forms
  • Webhooks for Google Apps
  • Auto-scheduled activities
  • Pipeline management
  • Zia
  • Lead management workflow
  • Page layouts
  • Sandbox


Zoho CRM provides its users with an easy-to-use platform, customizable modules, and social media features. The system allows you to build up specific workflows, manage leads, and organize daily tasks. It integrates with Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. 


Zoho software includes an AI feature called Zia. With Zia, you are able to predict conversion, trends, deals closing, and potential problems. AI can automate repeated tasks and spot anomalies in the sales process.


Zoho’s Opportunity Tracking tool gives you information about the position of your customer in the sales cycle. Having the full characteristics of deal sizes, activity history, and competitor profiles, you will be a customer-focused company.

Insightly in the list of best free CRMs in 2020

Main features: 


  • Custom fields
  • Filters
  • Flexible calendaring
  • Fast search
  • Integration
  • Customizability
  • Android and iOS apps


With more than 1.5 million users around the globe, Insightly is a perfect CRM software for Google and Office 365 users. 


With Insightly, you can easily organize leads, contacts, emails, events, projects, tasks, sales opportunities. It’s built around the principle of ‘relationship liking’ and ‘record linking’. Meaning, you can interact between your company and customers, leads, and create vivid portraits of all the contacts in your business networking.


Insightly offers a number of featured integrations across accounting, email, document management, and messaging platforms. CRM integrations include Gmail, G-Suite & Google Apps, Google Drive Google Docs, and Google Sheets.


Customizability is another benefit. You are able to build custom apps without coding to track key metrics. You can manage organizational security, contact records and others by setting permissions by business role. Moreover, sales opportunities and projects are managed with linear pipelines you can customize to fit your processes.

HubSpot is in the list of the best free CRMs in 2020

Main features: 


  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Email templates
  • Canned snippets
  • Campaign analytics tool 


HubSpot is considered one of the most powerful free CRM platforms on the market. 


HubSpot CRM provides its users with extra CRM-related platforms, which are called hubs. They are for one-to-one customer service, sales, and marketing. HubSpot CRM is everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. 


This robust CRM allows you to create new contacts directly from your email and generate your business records automatically. Moreover, with HubSpot, you’ll send optimized sales emails. The platform works with G-Suite, Microsoft Office, and easily shares the information across apps like Google Sheets, Facebook, Slack, and others.

Freshsales is in the list of the best free CRMs in 2020

Main features: 


  • Pipeline dashboard
  • In-app and website tracking
  • Click to call behavior-based segmentation
  • Team inbox
  • Deep analytics
  • Complete conversation history


Freshsales helps businesses of all sizes attract and manage their leads. With a highly intuitive UI and a powerful feature set, Freshsales gives businesses everything they need to manage and boost their productivity. It includes AI-based lead scoring, visual deal pipeline, intelligent workflow automation, customizable visual reports, and dashboards.


With a robust analysis of insights, you can prioritize appointments and tasks easily from the deals pipeline. Moreover, you will be provided with reliable technical support. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a premium user or you have a free subscription. 

Capsule is in the list of the best free CRMs in 2020

Main features: 


  • Contact list
  • Manage a to-do list
  • Integration with Google Apps
  • Activity tracking
  • Manage ‘cases’


The free edition of Capsule CRM gives users an overview of customers, prospects, and other companies you do business with. The free CRM can be used by one or two users, providing your small business with 10MB of storage.


Capsule CRM makes the management of contacts and sales simple with a stripped-down approach. The easy customizations in Capsule also make it stand out. You can change the appearance by adding your logo or you can customize each stage of your sales pipeline with a description or even percentage.


In People/Organizations, Sales Pipeline, and Cases, you can create an unlimited number of custom fields. For example, you could add an opportunity field with a dropdown that asks to classify the deal as new or add-on.


Main features: 


  • Multi-level planning
  • Modularity
  • Timeboxing
  • Customer-oriented
  • Adaptive


Agile CRM is one of the best free CRM platforms for 2020. It provides up to 1,000 contacts and companies with email tracking, appointment scheduling, and marketing tools, such as a landing page builder. 


Many users use Agile CRM due to its simplicity. Ideal for small businesses, Agile CRM may not have as many robust features as other CRM tools, but users appreciate its functionality.


Agile CRM offers an all-in-one platform for managing customer relationships. With the help of this platform, you can manage sales, marketing, and help desk activities. Moreover, it supports custom data fields, email integration, and lead scoring. 


This set of features makes it perfect for any company looking to manage everything with one platform.

Apptivo is in the list of the best free CRMs in 2020

Main features: 


  • Contact management
  • Lead tracking
  • Pipeline reports
  • Help desk tickets
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales analytics


Apptivo is truly a universal type of solution. It has basic functions such as reporting, advanced search features, and saved views, which are definitely helpful for startups. The free version allows for 500MB of stored data.


It’s highly rated for Collaborative project planning, performance, and reliability. It also receives high ratings for its client invoicing capabilities and electronic payments. Apptivo’s contact app makes it easy to import data from emails and websites without any tedious manual entry. 


Apptivo’s Cases app helps you organize customer interactions, turning customer emails into tickets. It integrates with project management, CRM, invoicing, and every other app.



Bottom Line


Choose the best CRM system in 2020 for your business and keep on top of productivity. In case you’d like to perform the migration from your existing CRM platform to another one, try out a free Sample Migration.


Schedule a call with Trujay’s team of experts to help you connect to a CRM system that’s right for you.

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